Sculpture of the third millennium


The harmony of the Yin-Yang


Dominique de Seguin is firmly set in the 3rd millennium, as is evident from her mastery of modern technologies and her collaboration with scientific and industrial organizations. She also shares her peers' environmental concerns and is strongly committed to the preservation of our planet's natural resources.
After the bronze sculptures of her first period, which won her acclaim and several distinctions, Dominique de Seguin is now exposing her latest sculptures whose harmony springs from a rich union of technology and ecology.
These days, she produces sculptures using an innovative computer-aided procedure, and uses laser and water-jet to create steles in steel and marble. She vectorises her work using software, which automatically determines the cutting of the sculptures. The resultant models are saved as computer files. Thanks to water-jet, these steles and pillars are produced without any residual matter. She communicates these files through Internet, thus reducing CO2 emissions linked to land transport.
This procedure results in two complementary works, one full and the other hollow, from a single material sheet (marble or recycled steel). This complementarity entirely avoids waste since all the material is used. The artist's work unites cutting-edge technology and respect for the environment, all through the use of recycled steel and absence of waste.
The complementarity of the single and the binary is revealed in her work thanks to the harmony of the yin-and-yang correspondence.
These double-steles, all monumentally zen, already grace our public parks, schools, town halls and museums, and create dialogues between the light and the dark. Fusing esthetics, high technology and environment-consciousness, Dominique de Seguin's creativity is at its peak and her international reputation steadily rising.

Example of two complementary works

“BiliGirl”, Main Hall of CNRS
 “Alibi”, Main Hall of ISEP
Dominique has designed a sculpture specifically for ISCAS 2010 that our guests will discover at ISCAS. Dominique will exhibit some of her sculptures at ISCAS venue on Tuesday June first. To know more about the artist, visit her website: www.dominiquedeseguin.com

First Period bronze sculptures of Dominique De Seguin



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