ISCAS 2010 Chair's Message

Amara Amara

Prof. Amara AMARA
ISCAS 2010 General Chair

It is a great pleasure for the organizing committee and myself to welcome you to France, Paris and ISCAS 2010.

We received a very high number of submissions in both regular sessions and special sessions.The number of tutorials submissions has reached a peak this year.

With my close collaborators of the organization committee, we started the selection process; it was rigorous and fair. It asked a considerable amount of effort, something I could not imagine when I submitted the application to organize ISCAS 2010 in Paris. Future ISCAS presidents, take heart: I assure you that this work was very exciting and very rewarding.
Neither did I imagine how the CAS Society is rich in volunteers who supported the burden of selecting a maximum of 45% of the papers despite the high technical quality of the vast majority of the submitted papers.

I wish to express my gratitude to all the volunteers, and they are legion, who labored backstage. And to all those whose papers could unfortunately not be accepted, don't forget ISCAS 2011 in Rio De Janeiro ...

In addition to a rich scientific program, Prof. Massoud Pedram and I have invited three prominent scientific personalities to give us three keynotes on topics of special concern to our Society. These keynotes will be delivered by Prof. Giovanni De Micheli of EPFL Switzeland, Dr. Alain Ripart, co-founder of ELA Medical, Sorin Group France, among the leaders in the biomedical field and finally Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Weber, senior executive and researcher of that young and famous giant, Google, USA. I have also asked Dr. Simon Deleonibus and Dr. Pierre Puget from CEA to organize a one-day workshop around the main theme of ISCAS 2010. They are offering us a very rich program to which I urge you to register. You will find out all about it on our web site.

One of the aims of our society is to have more industry professionals involved in ISCAS. Bernard Candaèle, Deputy Director R&T and Segment Manager Electronic KTD, Thales Group France, has invited three prominent executives from top companies whose activities are closely related to ISCAS concerns: Jean-Marc Chery (Executive VP and CTO, STMicroelectronics), Bing Sheu (Director R&D - Design & Technology Platform, TSMC) and Marko Erman (Senior Vice President and Research & Technology CTO, Thales Group). The topic of discussion of this distinguished panel will be: "The 2009 financial crisis and the new global economy: what are the impacts on electronics industry, how innovation can drive the economic recovery, which research model for the future." I am confident that this is a up-to-date topic, of great importance for the CASS young researchers.

It is also a great pleasure for us to host a class of 25 students from the University of Minnesota led by Dr. Gerald E.Sobelman and another class of 20 students from the ISEP led by Dr.Balwant Godara. I congratulate them for this initiative and I sincerely believe that we are ushering in the future of our Society. I encourage CASS teachers to do the same for future editions of ISCAS.

In the ISCAS 2010 postcard that was distributed at ISCAS 2008, I invited potential authors to come to Paris, City of Science and Art. I intend to deliver on that promise by inviting one of our great artists, Dominique De Seguin, who brings Art and Science together in her work. I invite you to discover some of her sculptures, specially the ISCAS 2010 trophy, that will be presented on Tuesday, 1st of June at the ISCAS venue.

Besides the strenuous work before and during the conference, ISCAS is also an opportunity to relax, meet old friends and make new ones. I have asked a colleague, Prof. Andrei Vladimirescu, a connoisseur of French culture, its wine and gastronomy to concoct for our guests recreational programs worthy of Paris. I'll let you discover what he will be offering.

I wish and hope that in returning home, you will say: ISCAS 2010 was a rich scientific event and plus we've lived wonderful moments.

To conclude, I would stress that without the support of my school, Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris, and the help of my team, the organization of ISCAS 2010 would have been a much more daunting task.


We look forward to welcoming you in Paris.
ISCAS 2010 General Chair


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